About us:

I will talk now about me and my story:

aboutThe beginning of my story is not unusual, but the end is nothing less than astounding! When the market crashed in 2008 and Great Recession wiped out my financial resources, I knew I wasn’t alone, but that didn’t help my feeling of panic and despair. As a real estate professional, my career had come to a grinding halt. After depleting
my savings and losing my last real estate property, I was left with $500.

I decided to enter into the Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) a few months ago since it was something I did as a hobby on micro and demo accounts. I opened an account at one of Forex brokers and started to trade. My initial deposit was $100.  Three months later my equity was $1,200 – twelve times initial deposit!

I soon turned $500 into $3,000 using a high-risk trading strategy! But after growing 500% in just a few months, I decide to leave the high risk strategy behind and start perfecting low and moderate risk strategies. I began to realize that my profit could be even higher if I could automate my strategies and trades. That way, I could streamline the work and achieve faster returns.

NOW we are a team who want to share with you all this amazing journey –7 years of struggle and day after day market battle.

Because I couldn’t find someone to help me to understand how the forex rules act or how can manage the risk I was forced to learn all these using try and fail technique.  Based on all this huge amount of work we are able now to help you to ramp up much faster.  Are you ready for this amazing journey?