As independent traders and software developers our team offers FOREX DATA ANALYSIS via technical analysis. Using market back testing along with your trader profile we are identifying the shortest way to YOUR SUCCESS.

How we are doing FOREX DATA ANALYSIS ?

We use naked trading meaning that we are using only the price movement or support and resistance.  All the indicators like Simple Moving Average, Bollinger Bands etc. are removed from our analysis. These are delaying the decisions and increase losses.

We taylor Metatrader tools and based on a particular strategy provided by client learn a program to trade accordingly. Then we are running this Expert Advisers on different sets of data and see the results. A process of improving the profitability will follow. At the end YOU will know if the trading plan is suitable for specific financial instruments or not.
Advises from profitable traders sides will be offered in order to help in making the trading plan profitable.

FOREX Data Analysis - Expert Adviser Overview

FOREX Data Analysis – Expert Adviser Overview

All these will help you to save time and a lot of money and see if your strategy can work or not!
Instead of go blind in market and lose time after time you can create an EA, ask for advises and create a proof record profitable system!

This also will help you to become closer and close from profitability!

Time is one of the most important resource – don’t waist it!

It is demonstrated that a trader needs around 5 years to become profitable by himself.

Find help on this site and reduce the ramp-up time. Faster profits will cover the small expenses and the huge amount of time needed to test it by your own!