This area of the site will cover educational courses and various examples of how to trade.
We are providing at request mechanisms to help you follow traders who have proof-track profitability. Also can provide – at request – market signals and analysis to help you recognize the most important support resistance and trade based on this.
Moreover, every week we will prepare analysis covering few major pairs, commodities and stocks. You can create a nice portfolio using information like trend, support/resistance points, money management tips & tricks and lot more…
Following all these leads you will have a complete overview on how market is moving and where are the most interesting trade points from risk-reward perspective.

Education and Mentoring

During the learning curve a lot of trading matters can be very hard to understand. A continuous process of trial and error should be followed and many times discovering important trading principles can be painfully. Still the trading industry can bring you more money than a full time job. The effort is big, sometimes you are losing your hope but you need to know that you are not alone.
The most important advice to provide is LEARN BEFORE INVEST! We are here to help – do not invest large amount of money and hope that you will be successful. Usually takes 5 years for a trader to be profitable without any help! Still there is hope – with right guidance and mentoring – as in Turtle experiment – a trader can be prepared rather fast.

Social trading

As part of the education and experiment trading – we can help you to understand step by step the trading process. We can offer you guidance in recognizing and taking advantage from the profitable trades and master money management!
All these following an experienced trader step by step in his trading strategy.
Below you will find few articles to help you improve yor trading.

This article will help you to:
– move and recover losses using a fresh new signal
– managing DRAW-DOWNs
– reduce psychological pressure of losses

Using straight hedging – a simple strategy
Enforce Money management in hedging strategy – the path to success!