In order to be constant profitable any broker need to have a simple, reliable trading plan. This should be verified either manual or automatic during the time and in difficult moments on the market – big fluctuation or long consolidations.
Any trader has 2 options which in fact are complementary:
• To verify trading plan manually – trading a period of time (longer the better)
• To “learn” a program to trade as he/she is trading and run the program on different sets of data and optimize
But before all of this you need to have a trading plan and there are some simple but not easy rules to create it:

 What timeframe are you choosing for your analysis?
 What markets?
 Are you a trend follower or your analysis are based on support/resistance or indicators?
 How you are dealing with losses?
 Define a winning trade / loosing trade and act accordingly
 What money management do you have?

All this are questions which will find a response in the articles that will follow into this section. Also you will be able to consult and be inspire by a lot of profitable trading plans which will be posted on this section.